On-Ramp Privates

*NOTE: On-Ramp Privates or group classes classes are required for beginners

Everyone new to CrossFit must take on-ramp courses. These classes introduce athletes to proper techniques when lifting weights or performing movements found in most WODs. They’re offered on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 6:30pm, and each person will be released into the regular classes after a few weeks once the coaches believe you’re ready.

We often get the question "I am really fit and workout on a regular basis. Can I skip the on-ramp classes?" We want to clarify that the on-ramp classes are not based on fitness, but instead focused on techniques. Without knowledge of some of the common CrossFit movements -- like Olympic Lifts (Clean & Jerk and Snatch) -- it is impossible for even a "fit" new member to take part in a CrossFit class without risking injury to themselves.

On-Ramp Pricing:

$300 for 6 One-hour Sessions


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